Who and with what kind of problems most often appeal to you?

My individual consultations and seminars are visited by wonderful, interesting, successful and talented people!

  • Their main problem – long-lasting tormenting body pain (and the result of it is a restriction of freedom of movement) and the occurrence of body ailments that can’t be eliminated or determined by the usual medical methods.
  • The second big problem group – people, whose illness is severe and have appeared as if there were no apparent reasons for it and is unsuccessful in overcoming it with conservative treatment methods.
  • Third group – who are in need of help in making important life decisions.

What problems you help to solve for people during your sessions?

  • Joint and spinal cord diseases,
  • muscle aches,
  • headache,
  • excess weight,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • reproductive system disorders,
  • infertility,
  • depression,
  • the lack of life joy,
  • internal barriers to making specific decisions,
  • misunderstanding of own Destination, Mission and Path,
  • the fear of death, loss of change.

After my sessions in all these topics people get positive results.

There is no point in naming medical diagnoses because they are very numerous and they do not usually reflect the true state of the human being. My conclusion is that the cause of health problems is common to all. Since I do not deal with symptoms, but work on the level of cause, the consequence of my work with a person is the disappearance of various health problems.
– Roman Goldrin –

Examples of Roman Goldrin’s work with patients

The essential results are the smile on the face, the ease in the body, the clarity in a mind, the energy abundance and the desire to live a full life! There were a lot of memorable cases of happy patients!

  • For several years one man has suffered a backache which he had failed to heal. When we came back to the moment of the problem occurrence and when we found where his mistake was, and when he genuinely questioned that situation and when he looked at the incident and changed his attitude – almost immediately he was relieved of his back pain. A patient still couldn’t believe for some time that his thoughts and emotions could act so fast on his physical body.
  • A similar case was with a woman who had severe headaches. When she realized that she had departed from her true path, when she asked forgiveness and firmly decided to start changes in her life, the pain was gone!
  • By the way, today I had a patient as an excellent example of working with radicals and severe pain in the waist. Patient started to feel pain half a year ago. When we analyzed what was happening in that persons life precisely in the period and when we were able to highlight the main traumatic events and when we considered alternatives to the situation and alternative behavior at that moment, and when we asked for forgiveness of his own body, the pain was gone and there was a feeling of lightness and warmth throughout the body. The side effect of this result was the joy in the face, the appetite appeared (by that time the client forced himself to self-feed for several weeks because he was not eager to eat) as his dreams and plans for the future.

How unique is your method?

The uniqueness of the method “Touch Soul Therapy” is its efficiency, speed and simplicity. The method combines the knowledge of modern human biomechanics, physiology and psychology. It is an accurate system that works in accordance with certain rules. If we take the management of a modern car like an analogy, with the full complexity of the car as a mechanism, we know that after a brief training it becomes easy enough to manage it. Vehicle failure is also quite straightforward to notice as it is signaled by a red sensor. The same could be said about the human body. As in a case with a car analogy, my method teaches you to notice “fault signals” and perform a “technical inspection” in time.

How the work with patients is done?

Work begins with a patient’s order, his particular desire and purpose naming. At this stage it is very important to identify what is the purpose, and what are the means for achieving a specific goal. Then together with a patient we carry out an analytical analysis of the time, conditions, possible causes and provocative factors. We agree on real values. Then by the use of special methods we perform body diagnostics. We develop “communication with the body” practice by using certain test elements for this purpose. When we are satisfied with the adequacy of body responses, we go to the causes of pain or damage in the patient’s body and to self-recovery methods. The effectiveness of the results obtained is checked. If necessary a patient has to do some “homework”.

What is the difference of your method and your approach to body illness treatment from traditional medicine?

Unlike classical medicine, my method analyzes the human body as a whole and as a self-regulating system aimed at preserving the primary internal balance. The primary cause of body aches or illnesses in this method is the response of the nervous system to chronic or increased stress, which is usually caused by a logical part of the mind. People are educated in such a way, that they do not understand or are afraid of their own body reactions and because of it they do not trust themselves. At the beginning of the dialogue when the contact with own body is established, a person very quickly perceives the difference in body sensations, freedom of movement and mood change. The person has a choice now – to follow the body’s “voice” or to behave according old habits and rules. If choices are made towards health and harmony – changes on a chemical and physical level begin very quickly. Sometimes instantly! Many people perceive it as a miracle.

What is the difference of your method and your approach of illness treatment from other non-traditional medical doctors?

I distinguish myself from other non-traditional medical doctors primarily by the fact that I do not cure, but show the principles of working with the human body, help to manage communication with person’s own soul (the sensory part of the brain) and help to ascertain how the state of the person’s body changes when a person is making a choice which is suitable for that specific person in that particular situation! To put simply in words, when a person himself wants consciously to become healthy – I help to activate the internal human resources for self-healing!

“Touch Soul Therapy” methodology is dedicated for the treatment of body aches and ailments

The soul is a sensory part of the brain, it “speaks” with a person through his body. Everyone knows the phrases: “Easy for the Soul”, “Soul spreads its Wings”,”Stone from the heart swept away”. It is a state in which a person physically feels lightness in his body, an influx of forces, a smile on a face, a person even straighten his spine and become higher! Unfortunately, the souls of many people are more or less traumatized. Only a person can heal his soul, i.e. without his goodwill it’s practically impossible! Pain and ailments in the body are not a voice of the body, but a more desperate cry of the body to help and it’s an invitation for the body owner to act and initiate changes in his own life. However, if a person is not used to assess pain in the body as a phenomenon, he can not pay attention to body signals. In the beginning, the person needs help to restore a contact with himself, with his own body. When a person succeeds, everything else goes easy!

What is the difference between your:

  • 1.5 hour individual consultation?
  • 4 hour VIP session?

The difference depends on the needs of people and their health problems.

  • Short 1.5 hours session is suitable for those with a “fresh” problem or if a person have specific questions that require urgent answers. It is also suitable for those who have previously participated in “Touch Soul Therapy” and need only a slight mild recovery or a check of the balance of the body, the soul and the consciousness.
  • The 4-hour VIP session is for those who want and can afford to have an individual seminar and therapy. This session allows a person to resolve difficult and old up-to-date problems in a short time. Inner motivation of the person, the determination to try and courage is necessary factor to succeed.

In which countries did you host seminars and individual sessions?

I carry seminars and individual sessions in various countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, England, Russia, Israel, Vietnam, USA. Geography is constantly expanding!

What is your biggest professional dream?

To help people understand their Souls language through body signals. And also to encourage people to live according to the needs of their Soul and to be healthy and happy, and to find the best Doctor and Teacher who lives in each of us!