The third millennium opens ways to era of the intellectual reign and, as usual, there’s only one choice: eat or be eaten. If there was a time when a primitive human power could win, now the decisive element is exceptionally fast and smart problem solving. In today’s world the essence of success is not only the right decision making, the speed is also important. It is vital to take the right decision as fast as possible together with the most smart and efficient variations of solution. There’s no other way!

What is and for whom is dedicated “Strong Thinking Technology”?

Profitable innovative products creation.

“Strong thinking technology” club “White Crow”

Innovation is one of the most important guarantees of modern business growth. After this seminar you will know what instruments to use to make process of search for novelty and uniqueness easier and more effective. You personally will be able to generate new, strong ideas and solutions and share acquired knowledge and insights with bright and creative team members. These skills will help you to see tendencies, development trends of your business and to choose the best strategy and tactics.
– Mark Lutsin –

During the seminar you will be presented with many practical tasks and puzzles that will intensely “exercise” your thinking and help adrift from the everyday and unoriginal thinking stereotypes. For example, after the seminar you will discover at least few solutions how to find a needle in the stack of hay quickly and effectively.

It’s a technology that helps you to reinforce position of your business.