It is a methodology that doesn’t have analogies in the world today. It is the most effective technology to quickly diagnose character traits and make behaviour prognosis. Phenotypology involves the diagnosis of someone’s personality through his/her external appearance and facial traits.

Interview about Phenotypology with Mark Lucin.

Phenotype is an external expression of genetics. By practicing phenotypology you can “read” genetic personal traits, which are visible on each person’s face. Phenotype is formed by both genotype and external environment, which is why the genetic program is defined by using scientific data and strict data analysis methods. Phenotype technology combines multidimensional scaling, cluster and factor analysis.

This technology was patented in 2003 in USA, Russia and Estonia with Worldwide priority. Mark Lucin is an author of phenotypology.


Can you identify someone’s personality traits just by looking at them?

• Who is more likely to take initiative and be self-motivating without needing direction from colleagues or employers?
• Who you would need to speak to in a firmer and more concise manner to get your point heard to avoid provoking conflict or nervousness?
• Who you can’t use aggression or pressure while negotiating (because you will face strong defensive reaction and negotiation will be broken)?
• Who will be braver in his/her actions (during negotiation, organisation of work)?
• Who is more stubborn?
• Who is more careful and less likely to be cheated/fooled?
• Who will be more easily persuaded by their desire for power and authority?
• Who cares about details and can be pedantic?
• Who is the generalist and sees everything as more equal?
• Who is more psychologically flexible and open to ideas and different opinions?
• Who is most likely to suddenly do something unexpected, extreme and serious?
• Who will work hard for their money and who will do as little work as possible for their money?
• Who will probably be a leader in a family/company?
• Who is more capable of doing business on a personal, friendly and approachable level?
• Who needs to be controlled and pushed in order to perform certain things?
• Who is more likely to take initiative and be self-motivating without needing direction from colleagues or employers?
• Who will be better at sales and people-oriented roles?

Mark Lucin

“Thanks to Phenotypology you will be able to identify a person’s character features and qualities that neither him, nor his closest ones are aware of in only seconds after first meeting. You will stop wasting your time trying to change people according to your desires and start using their abilities in the most effective way.”
– Mark Lutsin –


Personality diagnosis by using phenotypology is done in 2-4 minutes and the following traits are distinguished:

  • Genetic intellectual potential (its limits, orientation and perspectives)
  • Willpower (ability to argue and stand for personal interests in stress and comfortable situations, ability to face aggression and be aggressive)
  • Love of power, desire for authority, concern for personal image
  • Quality and stability of nervous system and threshold of irritation
  • Sexuality and its features (desire for sensual pleasure and perversion)
  • Practical, business and commercial abilities
  • Genetic predisposition for non-standard behaviour, which sometimes includes criminal activity
  • Reticence, prudence, cowardice, and courage
  • Perspicacity, suspiciousness, attentiveness
  • Moral features (devotion, honesty, double nature, sticking to principles, etc.)
  • Stubbornness, genetic predisposition to perceive the world as a constant struggle (provoker’s traits – ability to upset people’s equanimity)
  • Predisposition for non-ordinary acts (as well predisposition for murder, suicide, heroic deeds, etc.)
  • And many more – to over 140 features.

By combining all features, we can get 10000000000000000…… types of personalities.

The accuracy level of the results is said to be between 80% and 95%.


It is used everywhere, wherever you deal with other people.

  • Human resource audits and especially VIP personnel (senior managers, personnel dealing with trusted/high priority information
  • Negotiations, selling, buying, communication processes
  • Education
  • Working with criminals
  • Political and social sectors
  • Analysis of people who are unavailable for direct contact
  • Behaviour prognoses of potential partners or competitors
  • Image management (in entertainment, politics, career, personal life)
  • Personal life and search for life partners

Phenotypology course program is held in such a way that anyone can learn this technology despite of his/her background or education. Age of participants is 14 years-plus. Number of participants in a group is from 10 to 20 people (in case of internal company training number of participants may differ).

Training program includes:

  • theoretical material
  • practical tasks
  • training for getting practical skills
  • “ideal” partner’s / client’s portrait making

The learning consists from 3 courses (total – 5 days):
• ‘Human Phenotype in Business’ (part I) (2 days); {REGISTER NOW!!}
• ‘Phenotype for Advanced’ (part II) (2 days);
• ‘Masterclass Phenotype’ (part III).

During those courses participants take exams and get certificates, which allows them to use the knowledge in their personal and business life.