Established in 2005 „Viva persona“, is a company that sells awareness in a form of valuable seminars, events, lectures and consultations in cooperation with exceptional lecturers-practicians. Being excellently organized and interesting these trainings and events are meant for people and organizations interested in constant personal and professional perfection.

„Viva persona“ mission – promotion and implementation of unique know-how technologies, that raise people’s awareness and improve their results in personal and professional life.
– Giedrius Švetkauskas –

Giedrius Švetkauskas
awareness seller

„Viva persona“ is in cooperation with lecturers-practicians from various countries. These speakers give highly professional lectures on various interesting topics. Valuable knowledge and skills, new ideas and connections, positive emotions and strong motivations is the base of “Viva persona” customers’ satisfaction.

Our clients are people of various age, education and profession. Likewise, these seminars are also chosen by companies that invest to increase their employees’ capacity; that wish to supply them with more knowledge and skills and to create a professional team that is not afraid of challenges and constantly seeks new opportunities.