Tired of joint or back pain? Migraine? Are you experiencing stress? Traditional medicine is powerless?

“Many ailments have a psychosomatic cause for which to determine one visit is usually enough” says Roman Goldrin, an author of “Touch Soul Therapy”.

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“Touch Soul Therapy” methodology for the treatment of body aches and ailments

The soul is a sensory part of the brain, it “speaks” with a person through his body. Everyone knows the phrases: “Easy for the Soul”, “Soul spreads its Wings”,”Stone from the heart swept away”. It is a state in which a person physically feels lightness in his body, an influx of forces, a smile on a face, a person even straighten his spine and become higher! Unfortunately, the souls of many people are more or less traumatized. Only a person can heal his soul, i.e. without his goodwill it’s practically impossible! Pain and ailments in the body are not a voice of the body, but a more desperate cry of the body to help and it’s an invitation for the body owner to act and initiate changes in his own life. However, if a person is not used to assess pain in the body as a phenomenon, he can not pay attention to body signals. In the beginning, the person needs help to restore a contact with himself, with his own body. When a person succeeds, everything else goes easy!

Female overweight. Where’s the hidden benefit?

Cervical Cancer.

Long term postpartum depression.

Non functioning kidneys, dialysis, numbness of legs.

The vision for a woman suddenly deteriorated and the abdomen started to grow. Why?

Why do people get sick?

Why do people get sick from a Soul perspective?


  • “Roman Goldrin is like a jeweller who reveals deeply hidden obscure causes of human ailments, illnesses, moods, energy shortage, depression and who skillfully shows people a way towards their own internal balance. He is a world-class specialist!” Giedrius
  • “I’m a successful person, but lately, the question has arisen – what I want is it really what I need in my life. When “Viva persona” proposed Roman Goldrin’s individual session “Touch Soul Therapy” to resolve this issue, it was very important for me to have a meeting with a highly skilled specialist. It was a fundamental doubt that prevented me from having a meeting. However, when I met Roman Goldrin, I discovered a lot. First of all, the perception that the goals that I set up must be in line with my inner self, let’s call those goals – my Soul’s desires. Roman Goldrin has used a very powerful technique which allowed me to identify that not everything I thought I wanted was really necessary for me. At the beginning of the session, it was difficult for me to hear my own body, i.e. what does it say to me about what I really want. But the transformation has happened! I recommend the work of Roman Goldrin to every successful business person – he will help you to hear the answers to the questions of what you really need, so that you do not lose your life time and your health. Everything else will be very simple.” Paul
  • If someone would ask how I feel after meeting with Roman Goldrin, I would answer unambiguously – BETTER… Certainly, the meeting itself was not easy, because it’s not so easy and simple to look at your inside and to feel true yourself… It requires the desire, as well as effort and perception of what is really happening. With the help of Roman I learned to listen to myself, to find answers to my questions … and I felt much lighter. I escaped the feeling of contention and inferiority. I gained courage and confidence in myself. I’m smiling and enjoying my life. Thank you Roman! Gerda
  • During the meeting with Roman Goldrin, I touched the topics that inspired my desire to improve and to change! Aidas
  • In our extremely rushing world a knowledge about personality is very helpful when it comes to decision making when it’s difficult to find pragmatic arguments. “Viva persona” recommended Roman Goldrin as a lecturer and during the consultation he provided an opportunity for me to better understand and evaluate the relationship between human mind and body. Sigita
  • I study psychology, esotericism, astrology and theoretically I know what it takes to be harmonious and healthy. But in practice in this dynamic, competitive and tense world I’m constantly stumbling and dissatisfied. Therefore, such Roman Goldrin’s lectures that help to stop, to listen, to think and to calm down are very necessary! Laima
  • Before I met Roman Goldrin, I didn’t know anything, nor what a person he was, nor what practices he used, nor how these meetings were going. I felt desperate, because in my personal relationship and in my family I was in a “blind spot”. I had two choices – to leave my relationship or to wait until everything is fine. However, this situation was very tiring, raised tension and I felt exhausted emotionally. Before the meeting I was terribly worrying and after the meeting I was simply shocked. After leaving, I had to stand for a few minutes to take a break. There were also several stops on my way home. When I got up, I knew exactly what to do. Very suddenly (on the same day) I made decisions about my future life. From this, both drastic decision and step (from my point of view), there was not one day to spare. I feel great gratitude to Roman for helping me to open up a completely different perception and understanding of life. It’s been nine months since our first meeting. During this time, my life has stabilized, the changes that have occurred to me, did not go unnoticed by colleagues and relatives. I myself feel and others see my joy of life, my inner harmony that is reflected on the outside. Nijole


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