• Duration:
  • Venue: hotel ‘Congress Avenue’, Gedimino av. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

Are you looking for the ways to get free from physical or mental pain, stress or tiredness? Order express diagnostics and get accurate answers!      


  • people with physical or mental health problems;
  • people who feel exhausted from their life or work issues and problems and who are looking for ways out from their complex life situations.


Consultation is effective:

  • to release oneself from pain, tiredness or stress;
  • when there’s a need to get an additional energy or an impulse to get an impetus for recovery and to start the beginning of the necessary changes in life;
  • to get fast answers to important life issues related questions when making important decisions (it’s only possible if a person is ready to listen to own body signals and to test them in real life);
  • as a fast energy loading.


It’s an author method containing in itself a synthesis of couple directions of therapies and many many years of experience. This combination allows within a short time to take away the deep subconscious tension, to feel the influx of forces and to realize personal direction and how to get there.

  • Translation of body signals into clear conscious language;
  • Answers and options to concrete questions from the perspective of energy balance, health and soul;
  • Express diagnosis of the energy status of the organism;
  • Correction and reccommendations for self-contained activities.

During consultation is used muscle tone testing, practical kinesiology, harmonization of brain alpha rhythms and other methods as a biological feedback with the organism and information obtained from an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness.

The effect of these meetings is gradually summing up and reaches the peak after 7 sessions.


I don’t work with illness or diagnosis, but I am engaged in primary causes at the information and energy levels. I do not affect the person and his or hers personality, but I create conditions for deep relaxation and confidence and the willingness to listen to the weak signals of his or hers body and Soul. I will be glad to help you! See you!

-Roman Goldrin –


  • you will understand the subconscious causes of your life problems;
  • you will receive answers to important life questions of yours;
  • You will receive instruments for energy and psychological recovery;
  • you will get a quick energy boost.


  • venue: hotel “Congress Avenue”, Gedimino av. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • duration: 1.5 h.
  • meeting time (please choose):

– 11.00 – 13.30 val.
– 14.00 – 15.30 val.
– 16.00 – 17.30 val.
– 18.00 – 19.30 val.

  • language: Russian with translation into English.


  • “Roman Goldrin – like a jeweler discovering deeply hidden obscure causes of human ailments, illnesses, negative moods, energy shortages, depression and prominently showing people a way towards internal balance. World-class specialist!” Giedrius
  • It seems like I study psychology, esotericism, astrology, I know what needs to be realized, to be harmonious and healthy. But in practice I have been constantly stumbling and dissatisfied with this dynamic, competitive and tense world. Therefore, it is necessary for such, as for the Roman Goldrin lectures – to stop, listen, think and to calm down. Laima
  • If someone would ask me how I feel after meeting with Roman Goldrin, I would answer unambiguously – BETTER… Of course, the meeting itself is not easy, because it’s not so easy and simple to look at your own inside and feel the real self… First of all, it requires a willingness, as well as an effort and a certain perception of what is happening. With Romans help to learn to listen to yourself, I find answers to the questions I care… and my state of being fills with an inner ease. I become free from the feeling of contention and inferiority. I gain courage and self confidence. I’m smiling and live more happy life. Thank you to Roman! Gerda


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