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Problematic relationship with the child?
What field of activity will be enjoyed by your teenager and will be rational in terms of commercial benefits?
Talk to phenotypologists Mark Lucin and Nelli Orlovskaya!


  • parents who want to know what the genetic characteristics of their child are, the threats those characteristics pose, how to raise a child with such natural character and what field of activity is best for their child and how to best realize their child’s talents.
  • for adolescents who choose a career field at this stage of their lives and who don’t know what would work best for them.

What is Phenotypology?

What is the difference between Phenotypology and Physiognomics or so called (Chinese) face-reading?

Does Phenotypology has a scientific validation?


  • to answer parents’ important questions about their child on the basis of a phenotypological analysis of their child’s specific character and to recommend special educational methods appropriate to the child’s genetic character,
  • to direct the adolescent (and parents) to take an interest in fields of activity that will suit and be enjoyed by the adolescent and that will be rational in terms of commercial benefits.


  • Phenotypological express consultation for children or adolescents and their parents by Mark Lucin and his long-term colleague Nelli Vachterova-Orlovskaya is a very quick and accurate identification of a natural person’s character and more than 30 years of experience in career counselling, couple compatibility, personnel selection, personnel security, etc. (During the consultation, Mark Lucin’s author’s patented technology – Phenotypology is used).


After the consultation, the parents will understand what genetics influenced in the child’s behavior and what is the consequence of upbringing.
Parents will also learn the most common mistakes that cannot be made while raising their child. If there are brothers and / or sisters in the family, what are the main differences in their characters and why cannot different children of the same family be brought up in the same way. Parents will learn what are the main threats to their child’s upbringing based on child’s genetic parameters, i.e. what in particular can be problematic and risky: propensity for suicide, propensity for criminal activity, propensity for creative activity, weakness of the nervous system, lack of masculinity and determination, level of genetic intelligence.
During the consultation the fields of activity of interest to the child, appropriate to his (her) genetic character, taking into account the possibilities of the parents and the rationality of that activity in terms of commercial benefit will be identified.
– Mark Lucin –

 Choice of profession, partners compatibility. What is the basis of Phenotypological analysis?

Why do people order Phenotypological consultations?


Parents (and children / adolescents) will receive phenotypologically based answers from Mark Lucin and Nelli Vachterova-Orlovskaya to questions relevant to them related to their child:

  • the genetic characteristics of the child,
  • the threats (to the child him(her)self, to parents, to society) and possible problems posed by the genetic nature of the child and what to do about it,
  • how to properly raise a child with this particular character,
  • what area of activity is suitable for their child, which the child will enjoy and it will be rational in terms of commercial benefit.
  • clarity for parents, which will allow them to make informed decisions, helping their child to develop properly.


  • time: 7.00 P.M. – 7.45 P.M. (GMT +3) (Or other convenient time for the client and Mr. Mark Lucin & Mrs. Nelli Orlovskaya is arranged),
  • venue: online (ZOOM, Skype),
  • duration: 45 minutes up to 1 hour,
  • language: Russian with direct translation into English.
  • recording of information: with pen on paper (video and audio recording – prohibited),
  • number of analyzed persons: 1-2 children (during 1 consultation) + short analysis of parents.

N.B. Pre-registration required!

N.B. Copying of the consultation by photo, video and audio is prohibited.