• Duration:
  • Venue: Venue chosen by a customer

Do you want your team to think competitively and to overtake other international companies?
Master the instruments for commercial attack of the World!


  • owners and managers of companies, company management group,
  • directors of sales, marketing, public relations, who participate in strategy creation,
  • all valuable employees of the company, which aim is to increase the value and profitability of the company and productivity of the team.


Goals of this course and the lecturer are:

  • to train the participants of the seminar (manager (owner) and his team) to artificially “turn on” the talented elite thinking,
  • to create extremely competitive solutions in company development,
  • provide tools and clarity on how to successfully and boldly expand the company’s activities internationally.


  • We reveal our thinking skills.
  • First rule of the professional problem-solver – our reach for the goal, not the means.
  • Author technology by Mark Lucin: “Framing” (the main tool in solving difficult situations).
  • The use of the “Reverse” principle to find creative solutions.
  • Training (solving specific problem situations),

(3 instruments + training, if duration of a seminar is up to 3 hours)

  • additionally: additional “Strong Thinking Technology” (More>>) instruments (depending on the length of the lecture ordered and the profile and needs of the customer).


The business concept and thinking of the owner often remains within the country and this is harmful. At the moment, all successful enterprises go beyond the borders of their country and seize all the resources that they can seize, because now is the right time for that. Business people, by their nature, are not only strong, but more often than not they are not afraid to change standards. It is a very necessary feature of a character which is vital to change any situation.
During this seminar, we offer you to acquire a commercial combat adaptation for you and your team. Having mastered the “Strong Thinking” tools, your will turn yourself into a successful commercial pirate with a well-trained crew that floats in international waters!
– Mark Lucin –


  • Mark Lucin is a very interesting man, who has a great deep knowledge in the fields of physiology, biology, and ethology.
  • Besides his main specialization Mark works in the following fields as well: development of innovations, analysis of decision-making, methods on strategic project implementation, business consultation, negotiations, staff audit and recruitment and other staff management issues, various type of analysis.
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After this course (depending on the length of time ordered):

  • Company employees will be able to cope with difficult tasks as they will master tools for:
    – eradication of errors,
    – tools of commercial advantage.
  • The team will learn how to quickly create new competitive goods and services.
  • You and your employees will discover additional resources to increase your company’s profit and profitability (after the training you just can’t miss them).
  • Knowledge and thinking skills and abilities to overtake global leaders will appear.


  • venue: chosen by a customer (office, conference venue),
  • duration: from 3 up to 6,5 hours or 2 – 3 day course (depending on the customer’s choice),
  • seminar starts at: 10.00 a.m.,
  • seminar ends at: according to the agreed agenda,
  • language: Russian with synchronous translation into English (or any other language).


  • The technology of powerful thinking – is a way to develop human thinking ability in the shortest possible time which is especially useful in business. The essence of technology – is the goal, not the tools for achieving it. You become different after the seminar – exact, innovative and fast decision maker. Andrius
  • This seminar impressed and branded way more than any other similar seminar. Mainly, perhaps, because of the lecturer and workshop methodology, as well as materials and the way it’s presented.He is indeed very original and therefore may not be acceptable to everybody; however this is exactly what makes the lecturer so unique. And, of course, the technologies teacher demonstrated are very simple and easily adaptable in daily life. I must admit that I often remember one or another method, demonstrated by Mr. Lucin, when dealing with certain issues. Vilius

N.B. Copying of the seminar by photo, video and audio is prohibited.
Notebook for writing is provided.