If you are interested in success, psychology, positive thinking, meditation, etc. – we invite you to dive deeper!

Tired to live without joy, ease or satisfaction in your own life? Meet Roman Goldrin – a conductor to inner balance for an individual session!

  • “Transformational body magic”

Did you notice, that everything happens for a reason? If you want to read the book of signs of your own life – we invite you to study method 7P0 (science of Rithmology). Unique programs of Rithmology institute (IRLEM):

  • Growing of Heart & Brain Chords
  • Everything happens for a reason

Are you tired from the feeling that luck is passing you besides? Learn to manage your inner states and direct your body and mind for result achievement in Yury Mikharev programs:

  • “The Wave of Luck” 
  • “Personality power: raising the level of influence” 

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