If you are an HR manager, we invite you to learn a modern “know how” technology – Mark Lucin’s “Phenotypology” – to recruit right people for specific tasks.

When you recruit beginners in basketball for a basketball team – you look for tall guys. Why not short ones? Simply because of their physiology – basketball is for tall guys. Of course there are exceptions and  a short guy might be become a better basketball player than a tall one. But for him it would be harder and will require more time to achieve the result.

Phenotypology analyses 140 parameters expressed in human face as physiological traits and with an accuracy of 95 % allows instant identification what would be more easier and more natural to a particular person as a behavioural trait. Phenotypology saves your time and helps your employees to be in a right place.

Get to know people better according to their physiological traits, find talents and give them a chance to become stars in the field they were born for!

Mark Lucin’s seminar:

  • “Human Phenotype in Business”