As a business leader you definitely need 3 things to achieve desired results:

  1. brave, unconventional and competitive solutions;
  2. right people;
  3. an ability to achieve results when you and your team members are under outer pressure.

You’re waisting your time and you’re using resources ineffectively when you try to achieve results in a way of trial and error. We invite you to use modern “know how” technologies.

Develop unique abilities with exceptional speakers of ‘Viva persona’!

You can train your brain to find brave, unconventional and competitive solutions in Mark Lucin’s seminar:

  • “Strong thinking technology”

Develop a skill to choose right people (employees, business partner, etc.) for specific tasks in Mark Lucin’s seminar:

  • “Human phenotype in business”

Develop habits that are needed to make a breakthrough in business and to solve key problems in Yury Mikharev’s seminar:

  • “Genuine Intellect in Business”

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