RHYTHMOMETHOD 7P0 EDLM (RHYTHMOLOGY) is a science about Time. Rhythmomethod 7P0 – it’s a method of interaction with Time, which allows to accelerate, to prolong and to slow down time as well as allows moving to the past and the future while being in Time dimension. An Author of this method is Evdokia Lucezarnova (Russia). She has appointed all her life to research human opportunities to work and to interact with Time.

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Rhythmomethod 7P0 services for business – Rhythmological escort of already established company or creation of Startup are provided by author Evdokia Luchezarnova’s methodology which is based on research material. Using this methodology, business consultants – rhythmologists – work to deliver results of turnover growth due to Rhythmtime. Evdokia Lucezarnova is the owner of a successful business in Russia herself.

UAB “Viva persona” cooperates with rhythomologist Irina Kolarzh since 2016 and applies this methodology to its own and its customers’ businesses and has accumulated valuable experience which could help other entrepreneurs who want to grow their business successfully.


I. Already operating company

Every person, event, phenomenon has its own unique rhythm of life.

In the first stage of the work with the company, the consultant – rhythmologist performs company diagnostics from a time perspective. The customer gets a very clear picture of his business in the following aspects:

  1. A profitable business niche is established. Together with consultant – rhythmologist, a client determines the direction of his (hers) business, which will provide him with a maximum profit. It is also the case that during the consultation a specialist – rhythmologist advises the client to change the type of activity and choose a more profitable one. Of course, the final decision is always made by the customer.
  2. Removing ballast, i.e. the customer clearly sees the ballast in his (hers) business elements and by refusing them (s)he saves his (hers) time, strength and money. Every company has employees who create an illusion of their own necessity or very “important projects” that do not make profit – during the diagnosis the client clearly sees and perceives it.
  3. Customer finds hidden reserves. As a result of diagnostics, all employees start working full-power and no longer have the time to “conflict” between the members of the team. The customer extends his business due to the new type of activity, additional areas or capabilities that emerged during diagnostics.

In the second stage, the rhythmologist performs the time-injection procedure, which results in an increase in the turnover of the client’s company, team relations normalize, people are happy to work again, the company becomes more balanced.

Benefits of company consulting and Rhythmological escort services:

  • income increase,
  • new areas of activity & new opportunities,
  • changing business activity to more profitable,
  • highlighting and replacing ballast personnel.

II. Startup

The goal of the STARTUP methodology is to create a new company (or event) using the latest Rhythmomethod 7P0 technology.

Creating a business takes 3 steps:

  1. Stage 1 – diagnostics or Rhythmological evaluation of resources. At this stage, the estimation (diagnosis) of the initial required parameters – idea, business plan, resources and other parameters – is performed analyzing it from a time perspective.
  2. Stage 2 – creation of a form of a company. The methodology is performed by a rhythmologist (the number of hours of interviews and consultations with the customer is not included in this phase).
  3. Stage 3 – if necessary, Rhythmological correction in the formation process of the company and elimination of unnecessary interferences that may cause problems in the future is performed. The development of company formation from a time perspective is assisted by a rhythmologist. The startup formation process can take up to 9 months or more. In necessary or in order to shorten the time for development, correction is possible.

Benefits of Startup service:

  • a healthy company with potential future problems removed is formed,
  • the company is formed in a profitable niche with the purpose to operate profitably.

There are 3 service realization (order) steps:

  • Model creation (project),
  • Creation of a business,
  • Development of the created company.


  • “Before buying a Rhythmethod 7P0 service for business, as usual when buying an expensive and “obscure” service, there was a doubt that I’ll spend a lot of money in vain… However, “Viva persona” awareness seller Giedrius assured that the result would be as he had already tested this service on his own company.
    As the service consists of 3 phases – company status diagnosis, time injection and correction, and it takes time for the service to bring results, at first, the first impression was that the service was not useful because it started to flood all kinds of problematic underwater currents. 1) Our competitors have tried to bring our customer to the same manufacturers and take over our range. 2) The former manager tried to persuade the shareholders to take over our client with the whole company. 3) The customer has decided to develop a light assortment product with other suppliers, i.e. we lost a good order, but because we worked a lot for that – we were very eager to have that potential order. When I ordered a service, everything “went” so negative as it seemed back that time, that I felt that I paid a lot of money for the service and the situation was not getting better, but only getting worse. But afterwards it became very clear, that finally it was good that we didn’t get that light assortment product for production. And in general higher level thoughts and business decisions has begun to mature i my mind.
    The obvious results of this service for me are: 1) the situation arose so that my stake in a company increased from 20% to 50%. 2) Inappropriate staff left and the right employees came to work. 3) Income and profit increased moderately. 4) We stopped the development of one project because the “signs” showed that it was not a time for it. 5) The feeling of inner security appeared and perception that if something doesn’t go smoothly, it has some purpose and it is not yet clear what that purpose is. Then I relax and concentrate elsewhere. After some time it becomes clear what decision to take.
    I recommend this service for other entrepreneurs – it’s always worth to try it. Especially if things do not work best for you in business at current time. Then there are always reasons why this happens and this method helps to visualize, correct, to cope and focus in the right direction. All this is in the long term, i.e. in the beginning you may not see the benefits, but if you are patient, you will have really interesting and useful experiences.
    I always encourage to try before automatically rejecting anything what you don’t understand or can’t measure. And then you could decide whether it is a “nonsense” or a “wise thing”. Good luck!” Lina


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