• Duration:
  • Venue: hotel ‘Congress Avenue’, Gedimino av. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania

How much money and time will cost you to choose wrong employee?
Learn Phenotypology and hire the best ones for particular tasks!              


  • for company owners and managers who are hiring people for managing positions, choosing business partners and having other business relationships with people;  
  • managers of sales, customer service and other departments, who negotiate with suppliers and customers;
  • HR managers, who are involved in recruiting new staff and managing personnel.


  • Having mastered knowledge of seminar Human Phenotype in Business, you will be able to employ it very effectively in everyday communication, professional and personal matters, when choosing business partner, staff, in communication with customers, superiors, etc.



You will learn how to use a scientifically based technology of how human genes and environment influence our behaviour and character.

Once you master this technology, within a few minutes you will be able to determine the following:

  • Can a person be trusted and if so, to what extent?
  • Who is the master of the house, who in a couple will always try to take leader’s position in a group, company etc.?
  • What are the inborn and acquired human intellectual data?
  • Is there any inner “drive”. If yes, what are they?
  • How will they manifest themselves? How can you use them?
  • Level of initiative: Is a person really ready to work hard; to what extent is he/she stress-resistant, how he/she responds to change?
  • Will a person be initiative or passive?
  • Is a person really brave or is it just such an image?
  • Does a person have commercial skills to earn money or will he/she only try to get the money in some other way?
  • How much is a person insightful and suspicious?
  • Who can secretly gain an abusive position?
  • Who can pursue a “quiet” deceit?
  • When can someone be talked into doing something?
  • Who can be engaged in funny, nondescript and unexpected deeds?
  • Does a person behave and think in a custom, original and unusual way?
  • Does a person react sensitively to things happening around?
  • Does a person consider feelings and sensations important or does he/she prefer the whole story told in facts and figures? (Typical mistakes of sales managers).
  • Who will be the disturber of peace (provoke constantly) in family, group, among subordinates, etc.?
  • In case of intrigues, rumours in work, who is the potential organiser, although pretending of having no idea whatsoever?
  • Who is in need of constant approval of his/her authority and what is the way to use it?


Seminar “Human Phenotype in Business” is a basic course of Phenotypology. There are two additional courses – “Phenotype for advanced” (duration – 2 days) and “Masterclass Phenotype” (duration – 1 day). In order to get the answers to all the questions mentioned above we invite you to pass all three courses.


“Thanks to Phenotypology” you will be able to identify a person’s character features and qualities that neither him, nor his closest ones are aware of in only seconds after first meeting. You will stop wasting your time trying to change people according to your desires and start using their abilities in the most effective way.”

– Mark Lucin –

  • You will learn a technology that will allow you to influence people more effectively and to choose right ones into your team.



  • venue: hotel ‘Congress Avenue’, Gedimino av. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • duration: 2 days;
  • seminar begins: at 9.30 a.m.;
  • seminar ends: at 6.00 p.m.;
  • group: 8 – 20 participants;
  • seminar language: Russian with simultaneous translation into English;
  • price of a seminar excludes lunch and accomodation.

N.B. Phenotypology – an author technology of Mark Lucin which is under patent protection. Participation in Mark Lucin’s phenotypology seminars does not entitle seminar participants to teach others of this technology (phenotypology could be used only for personal purposes). To become a certified trainer of phenotypology a special preparation is needed and a licence from Mark Lucin must be issued (at the moment licences are not issued).


  • “Mark, thank you for the seminar. It’s hard to describe the benefit of it in words but I can’t underestimate the value of it for sure. Personally I got many insights about my character and why everything is happening in my life in the way it happens. In other words – thank you for telling that the way my life happens is normal and I’m normal too :). I think you are doing one of the most needed jobs in the world – methodically and in a scientific way you explain to people how to self-realize themselves in the best way for them (you show their way to happiness as I see it). Be persistent and good luck in your not easy job. I hope to see you soon again!” Rimantas
  • “After this training you start knowing a person within seconds after the first meeting. You are able to foresee the upcoming communication and predict person’s actions. This knowledge helps to recruit people for positions where they can use their innate skills for the best possible result.”  Zivile
  • “This knowledge helps a lot in getting to know people. What was intuitive before now is based on solid knowledge. Now you can foresee people’s actions. It is irreplaceable in everyday business activities.” Rytis
  • “This seminar gave me an opportunity to see, assess and communicate with people from a different perspective. It is irreplaceable when forming a new team.” Edita